Heart Shaped Sunglasses for ya blog this time.

…I’ll be right by your side till 3005.
Ombre Studded Shorts

Who wants a pair, I can give you a picture to make sure you like them first!!!!!!!!!!!

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aww Tyler
The Phases of Insanity (Chapter.2)

   Two hours later I was cuddling with my pillow pet watching the night sky turn into a cold darkness. I spent the rest of my evening conversing with Carly. We made plans to attend the premiere of “Drought” it was supposed to be the number one movie booming in Hollywood right now. Mom knocked on he door twice and asked if I needed anything before bed. All I wanted was her permission to go to the movie tomorrow night but of course she wouldn’t let me go after my tantrum this afternoon. I gave her a tight hug, and answered with a calm no. After mom left I gripped my sheets and pulled them over my head so the moon wouldn’t seem so close. The next day everything appeared to be off. It all started this morning when mom’s hair was blue with hot pink steaks, after she left the kitchen Amber said she looked like a Scene girl…I tried not too laugh to loud. But after lunch is when the real insanity hit.

   Carly surprised me with a friendly visit and ate cookies with me. I took her to the window in the bathroom and made her look at the new neighbor. 

"Blondie! My favorite!" she yelled, which was followed by a let’s go say hello. Usually I would be nervous to say hi to a new kid, but Queen Bee’s Delia and Natalie went out. Carly and I roamed over to his house, and Carly pranced up to the stool he was sitting on. Carly stepped back twice out of fear and hesitance. I could tell because she was constantly looking back at me. I can only imagine what’s bothering her. As I got closer to the garage I saw Delia smiling at me.

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The phases of Insanity (teen fiction)

   I woke up this morning and instantly saw a burst of reviving sunlight. I got out of bed and walked towards the rich light peaking out of the window’s corner. A gloomy feeling hit me as I realized the first day of school was approaching. I wasn’t thrilled about making my arrival and, setting my foot onto the first step while viewing Mattie hug Delia in front of me. A warm shot of blood ran through my veins as I slapped my hand against my cheek. Why did Mattie pretend to be straight for everyone else’s sake? His parents would be outraged if they knew his secret, as would the rest of St.Peter High. He’s such a role model to the student body, but I don’t see why he has to act like he loves Delia in order to protect his levels of respect. I love Mattie with all my heart and soul, and I know he loves me too. Sure the break up was difficult but we’d still be together if it wasn’t for Natalie, and Delia’s twisted minds. What really hurt was that Mattie swore nothing could end our relationship. He promised there were no rules or limitations within our love, I didn’t understand what that meant but I guess he meant we were as free as birds who could fly as far as we desired but at dusk we returned to each other. Enough allowing my brain to get off topic. I fell to the floor, and crawled back onto the bed. So many things to do today…mow the lawn, water the garden, finish my summer essay, post a journal entry and go out with Carly if I have the time. I went downstairs and my younger sister Amber was peering suspiciously from the back door. I trudged over to the fridge and flaunted the carton of milk while pressing it to my smooth pink lips. Amber fell into my trap and came running from her hideout. She lectured me on proper hygiene as I waved my fingers in her face. After a long breakfast that seemed more like a war zone I went outdoors to begin my numerous chores. 

   I hauled the lawn mower from the garage onto the grass, and wiped off the teeny bit of sweat on my eyebrow. As soon as I turned on the lawn mower ‘it’ zoomed by. I was afraid to look up because her sinister laugh was already echoing in my head. I kept my head down in fear, as it got off the bike. Delia bent her knees and coughed in my face while Natalie giggled from the street. 

 ” You should just eat the grass boy, it’ll get done faster that way.”

  Delia returned to her bike and pedaled down the road. My temperature heightened, my skin became pale, and before any other changes could occur I went to my room. Delia, Natalie, and Mattie all knew not to upset me or dramatic issues would start. I limped to the bathroom, and ran some cold water. I looked up at the mirror and my eyes became a fiery reddish gold. My mouth dropped and my teeth stretched down into fangs. Great! I turned back into a werewolf because of those idiots! All I can do now is stay inside until mom gets home with the elixir. Sitting on the bathroom floor was like hell, so I dared myself to take a quick look outside and there across the street was a boy with long blond hair washing a car. I gazed at it him for about several minutes before he turned around. When i’m back to my old self I have to call Carly, and learn this guy’s story. I’ll scan him like the attractive open book he is.

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Fan Fiction Request

 Soon I’ll start writing these fan fictions, does anyone have any requests such as:

Harry Potter


One Direction

Lady Gaga


or any other idea you may have thanks :)

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